Create a Pilot


Do you have a cool show idea? Create a pilot to see how people react, show it to your investors to see if they would be interested in funding a full season or have us create the show structure and assets and you manage the production moving forward. This package includes:

  • Choose your format
  • Up to 4 cameras
  • Motion stabilized footage
  • Hi-quality audio (lavalier and shotgun microphones)
  • Studio lighting
  • Post-production (color correction, color grading and editing)
  • Branding Asset Creation
    1. CONCEPT-TO-CREATION – pre-production process to create the structural elements for a series.
    2. MARKETING MATERIALS – photo, video, and graphic assets to launch and promote a series
    3. OPENING TITLE SEQUENCE – establishes the setting and tone of the series, displays the series title and/or episode cast members, and appears at the beginning of the episode.
    4. COVER ART – customized artwork for your series that displays the show title and /or credits.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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